Our upcoming album, “Mavericks”, will be released next month and...

Our upcoming album, “Mavericks”, will be released next month and it has us reflecting upon the moods music can convey.  We’re not speaking of stories written in rhyme, but music in and of itself.  Instrumental music, regardless of genre, tells its own story, conveying a mood, painting a picture, framing a scene in a listener’s mind, which is at once personal and universal.  A piece of music can evoke raw joy and pure ecstasy or, keeping in mind All Hallow’s Eve is upon is, can provoke fear and dread.  Through music alone one could experience a bitter wind blowing lonely leaves from the skeletal remains of trees on a moonlit night.  All dependent upon the listener’s own life experience or, as Norman Zinberg discussed, set and setting.  No other art form is as abstract and ethereal as music.  Books have pages filled with words.  Even so-called “abstract art” has a visual component as well as a tangible one in the materials used.  But music, instrumental music, has no words to act as a guide, no narrator to lead us, no visuals whatsoever, aside from what each of our mind’s conjure up within the confines of our cranium.  So the next time you find yourself singing along to the latest chart-topper, pause for a moment and consider your mood, and your image for the song before the singing began.  Where are you?  And more interestingly, now that you’re considering where you are, where are you going?     

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