This has been one hell of a year in The 427′s camp and this past...

This has been one hell of a year in The 427′s camp and this past month has been one of the toughest yet.  Between relationship breakdowns and breakups, health issues, hospitalizations, job losses, and friend losses, the possibility of complete and utter physical and mental collapse has been very real.  And yet, despite others’ best efforts, Rob, Chris, Eve, and Lorne are still here and stronger than ever.  They recently returned from the Western Canadian Music Awards in Victoria, British Columbia, where they were nominated for “Instrumental Recording of the Year”.  They have completed production on their full-length debut album, “Mavericks”, which will be released in time for Christmas 2015. They have just completed filming of the pilot episode of their new TV series, “The Spy Invasion” with the producers of the documentary “Keep It Real” and will be bringing it to the screen within the next month.  They begin their fall series of shows this weekend with the Tattoo & Arts Festival in Calgary, Alberta.  On top of all that they have still made time to restore hot rods, build airplanes, harvest wheat, surf rivers, and, of course, write new music.  So, like the snake sheds its skin to start anew, so the original surf rock mafia have banded together to continue onward and upward, now with a new motto: “God forgives, The 427′s don’t”.  

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