Spring is finally coming (at least we hope) and it's time to remember what warm feels like inside and out. Come celebrate with a kick ass night of music featuring...

The 427's - Absolutely amazing Calgarian instrumental surf, you'll swear you're trapped in the best noire film of your life

Class Action - The limitless joy of Calgary's premiere ska band will seep into every nook and cranny in your body

The Dragstrip Devils - One of the most fantastic and danceable rockabilly/psychobilly bands, all the way from Kelowna to make that butt wiggle

Cawama - They're surf! They're punk! They're garage rock! Hell, what they are is a refreshing burst of sonic happiness all the way from Vancouver to tickle your earholes

The Shillelaghs - A local treasure of the Celtic punk variety, the music just gets its hooks into your spine and gets you on your feet!